F.A.Q Frequently Asked Questions.

What is this place?
Welcome to Kuocomics! This place is for your sheer entertainment! We have Fox Rain as my main story webcomic in one corner, Game related comics in another, random funny comics in another and short stories in another. Take your pick ladies and gentlemen! And I hope I bring a smile to your day.

How do I navigate around this page?
You can view everything I have by just cliking “Next” “Previous” “First” “Last” buttons, OR, if you prefer to read Fox Rain only, click on ‘Fox Rain’ and you’ll be able to see all the Fox Rain comics.

Why did you name your Webcomic Fox Rain?
Fox Rain, translated into Japanese and Korean, means Sun shower. There was a legend that a Fox (Often a nine tailed Fox) was crying on that day, OR, a fox was getting married on that day. I loved the image of a sun shower, and it fitted one of the characters perfectly! See if you can pick out when I use Fox Rain/Sun Shower in the story!

What do you use to make your comics?
Photoshop CS5 and Wacom Tablet! Love them to bits.

How often do you update?
Usually on Thursdays. Sometimes Mondays when I’m not working.

What other Comics do you have?
Currently there are Fox Rain (Narrative) and Jenn Plays Dragon Age II on the webpage! If you have a game you want me to draw about, please give drop me a mail.

Can I use your comics on other pages?
Of course, but you must give credit to website!

Do you take commissions?
Yup, contact me on kuocomics@gmail.com

Can I give you fanart?
Yes! And I would like to give you a big hug with that! Email them to Kuocomics@gmail.com

I want to get involved in your comic! How can I do so?
I am very flattered! At this stage, I’m putting cameos of my readers into my comics, so if you join my facebook page and sign up for the cameo roles – I’ll be using your lovely faces in the comic!

If you want more answers please contact me:
Email: kuocomics@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KuoComics
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kuo-comics/295972259859?ref=ts&fref=ts