Hey guys, as I mentioned in the facebook page, there wasn’t a Fox Rain comic this week. And I really thanks everyone for their support and their concerns. I really appreciate it.

I drew this comic for Path of Exile guys at Grinding Gear Ga,es so thought I should share it. If you guys wanna know what kind of game it is: If you liked Diablo 2 and you like dark fantasy with amazing game play, you will LOVE this game.
Go on, check it out:


It’s in open beta right now, and they won’t wipe the characters when it comes out. They have amazing support and it’s getting recognized quite a bit! It’s free to play and IT IS NOT A PAY TO WIN game. You can pay money only for cosmetic stuff! (Stupid newspapers are getting it wrong ><) So if you wanna play an awesome ARPG, go and try it out :)