Re-Boot of your Webcomic

I wonder how often Web comic artists change their comics around. It is truly amazing when you go back to your first comic and think “Whoa. I came a long way from there.” I hope to look back in the future to this Fox Rain 01, and think the same!

So – Fox Rain is going to be rebooted. What does that mean? Well… I’m hoping the readers find out! I’ll just point out few things.

1. The story up till chapter 3 may seem similar to the old Fox Rain – but it is different! The same things are Lis and Biryuk. So they will act the same way you remember them.

2. Memorable events will stay the similar.

3. The layout will be different. I am entering this webcomic on a site that has about 20 pages of comics in one update – all length wise, so I will be aiming to do those. Which means one page won’t have closure or end on a high note. Some will finish mid action. But for those who come to Kuo comics, I will be releasing the pages as soon as I’m done. So those who actually come to this site will get faster updates. While other sites I put this on will get a huge chunk in one go.

4. They are going to be 3 languages. A. English, B. Japanese, C. Korean. I thought I should use whatever I can provide. I will be putting translation notes at the bottom, so if you are interested in learning those languages and why I chose certain words, it might be interesting for you to check em out!

5. The website will a new, better, faster page soon! Look forward to them! Pester Keen for them :D