So I was thinking for about a month on this, and I decided to re-boot Fox Rain in a new format and in a new way, where I will not be constrained with rules and frames.

Which means… I won’t be drawing new story. We will never find out what Lis was going to say… (I thought it was very timely AND EVIL for this to happen… I swear it wasn’t on purpose) Well, we will find out, just maybe… wait a year or so. I will be drawing the new comic (But they will be updated faster.) They will be updated weekly, but instead of a page, there will be about 3-5 pages in one update. So perhaps we will get to find out what Lis was going to say faster than we think?

So I picked up my pen, I re-designed all their costumes and re-drew the storyboard. Then. The thought came across me. What about you guys? My awesome, fantastic readers who read my comics and have always supported me? So, I’m going to leave this ultimate decision on you. My readers.

If you wish for Fox Rain to continue it’s pace, and to continue the story, please let me know. Depending on the number of responses I get, I will draw two comics. One – my reboot, and the other – the continuation of this version.
This puts a HUGE workload on my plate, but I am happily willing, if you guys want me to. The only reason I draw comics is for my story to be read and liked.

But, since I really have no idea who comes and reads my comics, (If anyone know how I can have some sort of like button on my comic, please teach me!!) I need to know how many people want this version to continue. So, I know it’s a pain! But please comment, (it can just be a blank comment with a .) or email to let me know.

Thank you guys.