Hey there,
Thank you everyone for the entries! :) It really made me so happy!
Thank you guys!!

So! Here is the results!

1st place: Draco Blair from TBD comics! http://tbdcomic.net16.net/

2nd Place: Coffinshaker from Coffin comics! Coffin Comics

And to thank all that put their precious time into supporting Fox Rain Comics, I’ll be sending out the Fox Rain Postcard to all those entered!

Check out Draco Blair and Coffinshaker’s pieces of art!!

KUO GC By Draco Blair

Fan Art Competition by Coffin

Aren’t they simply amazing?!! O_O

Thank you to everyone and congratulations to the winners!!

Draco and Coffin – Please let me know your addresses to send the goodies via email! And Draco as the first prize winner, please let me know what drawings you would like.

That’s it folks! Thank you so much for supporting Fox Rain Story arc for a year!!