Right! I know I’ve been talking about a competition for a while.
First of all, thank you everyone for reading Kuo comics. I am still very ashamed of displaying my shoddy skills, but if I can make at least one person smile, that’s my goal accomplished! Thank you very much. If it wasn’t for you guys, I would not be doing this.

So! To thank you all, I am hosting a competition!

Never fear, it won’t be something horrific!

So here are the rules.


1. Submit a piece of art, writing (Poetry, short story, but not too long! Absolute maximum is 500 words) or anything related to Fox Rain.
*remember, it can be anything. It can be a review, it can be your thoughts about the characters etc.*
Art – anything relevant to Fox Rain is okay!

2. If you are not interested in Fox Rain arc, you can of course submit a piece of art/writing about the kuo piggies or any of the brewmasters characters in the comic. It can also be Jenn or Rory too I guess! (Oh dear…)

3. I’m pretty lenient with mature contents/languages, but nothing too graphic please. Think of the piggies.

4. It must be your original work.

5. You have my word that I will not use/distribute/copy your work without your permission.

6. Please send them to minvaktradrom@gmail.com

The winners will receive a commissioned comic or commission art of their choice (print will be shipped to you), and mysterious Japanese sweets (since I’m in Japan right now. And I’m sorry – I think there’s some rule about ninja swords) and a Kuocomics desk calender.

Oh and the winners’ works (there is more than one) will be on Kuo comics btw. But if you really don’t want to show it, I will respect your decision :)

So! Until then, Happy hunting!