Hey everyone, thanks again for reading Kuo comics! I normally post news on the facebook page, but I know that most of you guys don’t use facebook or dislike joining.

Also, sorry about last week, there was technical difficulties and Rory couldn’t post a guest comic then.

I’m off to Japan this Saturday, due to new employment. I usually use Rory’s computer to draw the comics so for a while I won’t be drawing comics. I am hoping to have comics ready and pre-posted until Rory joins me over there on September. Since I’ll be drawing about 2 month’s comic in one go in 2 days, it may be a bit strange! But I’ll try my best :) But if there are gaps or no comics for a bit, rest assured that I’m still continuing Kuo comics!

For those wondering about Crimson Wheel, well… there was also a technical difficulties and we can’t get the new site up. So… Hopefully it’ll start before I leave. Please don’t lose interest! Sorry I keep saying it’ll be up and it keeps getting delayed!

Thank you again for reading Kuo comics :)