I really thought I lost everyone with my 2-3 weeks of absence! However I see you all, coming in and going (Hopefully not disappointed!) So as a friend said “Less QQ, more comics”, I’ve been at it! Woo!

I have realized that perhaps 5 comics a week was a biiiiit too much pressure for me. Perhaps when I have more time, I will do so, but I have some new ideas for the site, which will probably take a bit more time than my regular mini toons take.

But for now, all I can finally say is: The updates have decreased, however I am going to try to make 2-3 comics per week at least. They may come in clumps due to my computer not able to color them in. So, watch out for those grey spots on the calender!

Also, I’m adding a … I need a title. Help me out with this one. Keen and two of our good friends have started a D&D campaign! It’s very rare (I think) In New Zealand. It’s not as wide known over here than the states. But yes! I thought it would be fun to draw them, so every monday, which is your sunday over in the states, you’ll see those :)
I have no idea when I’ll draw the ‘life’ comics. Come ooon the holidays!
Let me know what you guys think of the first campaign comics. If it’s really bad, I’ll stop :D

Thank you so much for reading Kuo comics and hope you guys have a great day. :)