Hello everyone! I’m finally back from my long break. Thank you for waiting and a big thank you to those who encouraged me to keep drawing! It really helps me think that that comic does bring a little joy in your days and that it’s worth continuing! I really appreciate any form of pressure :)
I must note that… mailing me sickly fishes and tattered ogre loin cloths don’t reaaaaallly give me a clear message! But I appreciate the threat (?) that it gave me! I mean imagine what else I’ll be getting if I didn’t draw more!

Anyway :) Sorry to make you guys wait and I shall be back to my normal daily comics. (except weekends. That is… Friday and Saturday US days) Any comment regarding the comic is deeply appreciated! I really want to know if I’m getting better, worse or can do more of something else.

So! Chapter 3. We are going to go back to our lost heroes!
Who will they meet?
Will they escape this place?
Will they be rescued?
Will they touch something and doom us all?
Stay tuned!