Hi everyone :) I’d like to express my deepest gratitude in reading my comics. You really should’ve seen me jumping for joy waking everyone in the house when I got my first reader! 

As you have noticed I have started a new storyline, away from the interesting things that occured in WoW and my life. I hope you guys enjoy them! Please feel free to criticize them! :)

But yes. The 1000th visit is near!! I’m really over the moon. (A saying around here to say you’re so happy you could be flying over the moon) I would really like to show my appreciation by making a comic for my readers or art for them. (Don’t worry you won’t be treated cruelly unlike my poor guildies) But… although I can see who it is by their IP address, I cannot tell who you are! The only thing I can really do is track it from comments. 

So! If you’re a regular visitor here and would like to participate in this event. Please comment below :) For those who have already commented you don’t need to worry! (I think)

Thank you again and enjoy!