I have been asked to illustrate a childrens’ poem from my professor lately. Since I don’t have any training in art, except for my comics, I am terrified of this idea. But hey, you never know until you try right? It involves drawing a lot of macaroons… I wonder when I was a kid, when I dreamed of being an artist, I imagined myself hunched over the screen coloring in countless macaroons.
On another note, Dragon Age Inquisition! It sucked me in and I find myself drawing “Jenn Plays Dragon Age Inquisition” these days… You can find em in my tumbler or on Kuocomics site. :)

It is HOT over here in New Zealand. Not as hot as our neighbor Australia of course, but ugh. I did hear there is a lot of snow over in US and up North… hope everyone is being safe!